The complete package.  All the below, plus more.  If you have a project ready to go and are looking for an established director, send me a note and tell me about your project.  If it speaks to me, I’ll do it.

You have your script but something doesn’t feel right, or you’ve got a complete story and just need someone to come in and polish the edges.  I can help.

Need your novel adapted into a feature-length screenplay?  Do you have a storyline and plot, but no idea how to make it into a screenplay?  I can do it.

Finished with the rough cut of your movie but just want a trained set of eyes to take a look?  I’m used to seeing unfinished films with no final color, no final sound, no final music, and I’m a great resource.  All unfinished edits remain strictly confidential.

Are you about to make a feature film and need assistance with scheduling, planning, and organizing your shoot?  I’m the most organized person you’ll ever meet, and I have the solutions.

Maybe you’ve never made a movie before and you want someone to help you outline the steps to take.  Or maybe you have a question that isn’t listed here.  Give me a shout.

PO BOX 203
WAMEGO, KS  66547
films at dikenga dot com – be sure to mention my blog so I know you’re legit.

3 thoughts on “SERVICES

  1. What a great blog, Steve! It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Reading your blog, I see a wealth of vital info for a lunatic old-school film buff such as myself who finds himself at 38 finally writing a story for a film I will be making. I look forward to learning all I can from this fantastic resource. Even though here in Salt Lake things seem to be ramping up in terms of the film business, there isn’t much in the way of resources for fledgling filmmakers. Keep it up! Cheers! -D.L.

  2. Steve I am so glade to find you…. a lady who is doing an article on me, from Bethel College in Newton gave me your name,,,As a trans-racial adoptee I grew up in Newton with Black adoptee parents but I was born of “WHITE” parents in1942 in Kansas City Missouri..the end of last month (June) my story went viral and global from a T.V. channel here in San Antonio Tx.. I grew up thinking I was “BLACK” and at 70 years old I became “WHITE” again. I found three siblings I never knew I had. Now we are Daisy’s daughters (based on the story Driving Miss Daisy) After receiving my adoption documents a 70 year
    mystery had been solved. There are 20 pages of articles on yahoo and google under my name VERDA BYRD Its been overwhelming, with even some talk shows calling. It all started Oct.2013 when all I wanted was to find out who JEANETTE BEAGLE was (That was my birth name) The storyline is about a TRANS-RACIAL adoptee…Plot …SEVENTY YEARS OF BLACKNESS….I would like to see my story put into a feature-length screenplay…because there is no “BLACK” or “WHITE” heaven and maybe my story could help other Tran-racial adoptees. Contact Info:… cell 210-710-6066 Verda

  3. Hello, my name is Benny Brown and I am an upcoming screenplay film writer and I’m in the process of writing several scripts and would like to pick them to Netflix and anywhere else I can..

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