CULTURE SHOCK is Balderson’s sixth feature film, shot on location in London, England and Paris, France.  Although the film features 71 actors, dozens of locations and multiple action scenes, he made it with a meager six-person crew.  He ignored permit restrictions and went without insurance. The result was an approach that embraced the lost art of guerrilla filmmaking.

His previous film, THE CASSEROLE CLUB, was selected by the Library of Congress for their permanent collection.  It stars Susan Traylor, Daniela Sea, and Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson in his film debut.  The film premiered in 2011 in New York City collecting 9 Independent Vision Award nominations and winning 5: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor for Kevin Richardson, Best Actress for Susan Traylor, and Best Production Design.  Critic MJ Simpson in England writes the film is: “Magnificent, another tour-de-force by the best kept secret in American cinema.”

Steve’s fourth feature was STUCK! (which starred Karen Black, Susan Traylor, Jane Wiedlin, and Mink Stole).  The film premiered in October, 2009, at the Raindance Film Festival in London.  STUCK! also screened at the Boston Underground Film Festival where Mink Stole was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Balderson’s third feature film, WATCH OUT, praised by critics as “One of the great cult films of all time;” also premiered at Raindance to sold-out crowds, where it was nominated for Best International Feature.

Film Threat writes, Balderson “makes movies that are so gorgeous that it’s not unreasonable to say that, cinematographically at least; he’s the equal of an Argento or Kubrick in their prime. Some people have perfect vocal pitch, Steve has perfect visual composition.”

Roger Ebert gave Balderson’s second film, the surrealist crime drama FIRECRACKER (starring Karen Black and Mike Patton) a special jury award on his list of 2005’s Best Films.  The breathtaking imagery in FIRECRACKER pushed through the limits of cinema, establishing Balderson as one of today’s finest visual storytellers.

Balderson’s other work includes the critically-acclaimed PHONE SEX (featuring Margaret Cho, Ron Jeremy, Penn Jillette and Lloyd Kaufman), PEP SQUAD (the satire that predicted American school violence), UNDERBELLY (a year in the life of dancer Princess Farhana) and the award-winning WAMEGO documentary series about DIY Filmmaking.  If you are unfamiliar with Balderson’s movies, you can rent or purchase them almost anywhere in the world.

More information about Steve Balderson can be found on his website “dikenga.com” or by searching his name on the internet.

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